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Video, Training Andi, First Ride

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This is Andi, a four-year old Icelandic Horse gelding, owned and trained by Susan, who decided to train her own horse. Her reasons:

Just what makes me think I can start and properly train my own horse? I will probably ALWAYS consider myself an advanced beginner (although I've been told by many people that I have more skill than confidence). So who do I think I am that I feel I can train my own horse from scratch? Because I'm his friend first, that's why!

Andi will be the first horse that I have done ALL the training with. I got him at 11 months old, basically a wild horse who spent most of his life in a large herd running with his buds. I have developed a relationship with him - one based on trust and positive re-enforcement (the clicker). Why on earth would I break that trust by sending him to someone that doesn't know HIM? Could they do it faster? Yes. Are they better riders? Yes. Do they have more knowledge than I do? Yes. But they don't have his trust and I do. It might take me longer, but that's OK. At least I will always know what has been done to him.

He will always be ridden in a saddle that is comfortable for him (the Sensation) and will be started in a halter. I promise to always reward the slightest try and not balance off his mouth (that's what that heavy mane and breastcollar is for!). I will not force him into a "frame" and make him do anything he is not able to do based on his conformation.

I am his friend first, and that's what makes me qualified above anyone else to train him from scratch.


My girlfriend came over this afternoon and after she worked her horse, I got Andi out, saddled him up, did a little review of our groundwork, then with Denise standing at his head - I got on! I clicked him, and got off. I did this several times and then Denise took me for a pony ride around the round pen. She only got the one pic, and I didn't put my feet in the stirrups untill Andi started walking. It was all a piece of cake!! It was not only Andi's first, but it was my first first on a horse! This was a dream come true for me! Here is the link to the pic:


Earlier this morning, I ponied Andi off of Foxi and he went for his first trail ride. Foxi is the perfect pony horse, as absolutely nothing bothers her and I think it would take a bomb going off to spook her.

It was a good day!


My friend, Denise, came over this evening and I got to have my second ride on Andi. I just got home from work, so I was still in my scrubs, but I put my riding boots and helmet on. It was incredible. Andi could care less that I was on his back! All he knows is he did good because he got clicked and treated. After a few rounds around the round pen, I started steering him and Denise just followed. Here is the link to the pics:


My hubby also got some videos, and I will get those uploaded to You-Tube tomorrow.

I am soooooo excited!


Training to Stand at the Mounting Block

Second Ride

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