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All horses, all breeds, should have saddles individual fit to them. One breed cannot have a style of saddle that fits all of the individuals within the breed.

Icelandic Horses have varying conformation. There are *some* generalities, such as Icelandic Horses don't generally have high withers.

Some have withers; some do not. Some Icelandic Horses have long back, some have short backs.

Some Icelandic Horses have "inny" spines, some have "out-y" spines.

Some Icelandic Horses have apex backs (in the shape of an upside down "V"); some Icelandic Horses have backs that are shaped in an upside down "U".

Not one type of saddle can bit all of these different types / combinations of conformation.

There are links to many Saddle Fitting Guides here: http://iceryder.net/saddlefittingguides.html.

Here are some links to different saddle fit videos:

[] Video by Joanna Robson, DVM

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[] CIRP Saddle Technology

[] Wintec Easy Change Gullet

Below is a saddle fit video by Specialized Saddle, and another about poor saddle fit by Julie Goodnight.

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