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Bit Description Videos

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Here are some videos with descriptions of different types of bits and their mechanics.

These videos do not encompass all bits, and we do not necessarily agree with using a stronger bit to control a horse, in place of additional training / good horsemanship.

Options for Icelandic Horses include mullen mouth snaffles and pelhams. Icelandic Horses generally have low palates and may have other bitting problems that exclude use of jointed snaffles.

Let the first video load completely before hitting the play button.

How Horse Bits & Bridles Work

Bitless Bridles

Snaffle Horse Bits

O-Ring Snaffle Horse Bits

D-Ring Snaffle Horse Bits

Snaffle Horse Bits With Leverage

Combination Horse Bits

Shank Snaffle Horse Bits

Shank Snaffle Horse Bits With a Roller

Elevator Horse Bit

Performance Leverage Horse Bits

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