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The Flight of the Horse Leg

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This video shows the flight / biomechanics of the horse leg, specifically Icelandic Horses, and shows several deviations, such as winging in and rope walking.

Watch the video, looking at the front legs and their flight pattern.

Things to notice:

[] Is the leg straight (perpendicular to the ground), or does it lean, in or out?

[] If the leg is crooked, where does the deviation start... at the elbow? knee? pastern? hoof?

[] When the foot lands, does it land pointing straight ahead, or pointing in or out?

[] Does the leg travel straight, from front to back?

[] Does the flight deviate, as in winging in or winging out?

[] Are the front feet spaced apart, or are they working close together / on the median line?

[] When the airborn leg is at the end of it's furthest most point backwards, is the hoof under the body or outside of the body of the horse?

[] Does the hoof flick outwards at the end of it's flight?

[] Do both legs have the same deviation in flight or are they different?

[] What effect do shoes and boots have on the flight of the leg? the landing?

Watch the video over and over again, to see what you can see. The more familiar you become with the flight of the legs, the more you will be able to see.

Additional video with some explanation of Winging In.

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