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Clicker Training A Horse to Follow a Person's Body

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This is a rehab Icelandic Horse who is skeptical of people, flinchy, and moves away if someone goes to touch him.

This is the horse's first clicker lesson, and the trainer is charging the clicker by going thru the "follow me / do what I do" exercise.

Sometimes watching clicker training may be like watching paint dry. At times, one needs lots of patience (especially with rehab horses).

The trainer is asking the horse to follow along, and at the same time, trying to establish a "thread" between herself and the horse. The thread is the invisible connection between trainer and horse. The thread generally gets longer and stronger as communication grows.

The trainer is asking the horse to move solely with her body. The horse is at liberty, no ropes, no extention of the arm (whip, crop, stick).

The horse gets a click for following, for backing up, for moving a foot when asked... for aligning his chi with the trainer's chi. A couple of cross-overs are tried, to see if he'll mimic the movement; and altho he doesn't quite get it (moving a leg behind instead of in front), he still gets a click, at this point, for trying. Criteria is loose since it's his first lesson.

A short time was spent with the horse prior to turning the camera on, so he is already anticipating the trainer returning to the pen, goes to greet her at the gait, and follows her along with no problem.

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