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One-Rein Riding with Cookie, Icelandic Horse

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Here are a few video excerpts of riding Cookie, my Icelandic Horse mare, bareback, bitless, in halter, with one rein, while I am recovering from a broken leg, and still have a brace on the leg.

I'm still stiff and protective of the leg, but trust Cookie enough to get in a few minutes of riding during the recovery process.

She also has on the neck rope. My plan was to ride for a while with one rein, then take off the halter and lead rope, and ride with the neck rope... but sometimes your energy level is lower than what your mind wants to do! so we will save that for next time.

I'm not actually using the clicker in the video, as Cookie is a long-time clicker horse, so a "good girl" and a treat are OK.

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