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Charm and the Piano OutTakes

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This is my three-year-old palomino Icelandic Horse Filly, Charm. Janice asked us to make a video of Charm playing the piano. She hasn't been exposed to the piano very much, so we needed a practice session before recording a *good* video.

The piano is on the platform that she usually uses to step up onto. I've set the piano on the platform and asked her to target it. She ended up pushing it off the platform accidently. This is where the video starts.

I don't think I realized the camera was on, so this video clip was a surprise.

In searching for the right answer to find the behavior that would get her a click, she went to stand up on the platform, and smashed her foot onto the piano, which flew off the platform and scared her away. Finally she comes back to the platform and gets back to playing the piano.

We were going to work on the platform adding a behavior to simply standing up there. Charm decided working with the platform was too boring so she started offering other behaviors such as "head down" and targeting the platform. At one point you can see her offer her "No" (shaking her head) but it's not clicked, so she goes back to yawning, which I decided to click as it's something that I'd like to capture and put on cue (Cookie yawns on cue; see her video: Cookie Yawns.

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