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The "Trotty Tolt"

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What is a "trotty tolt"?

A tolt can be either clear, on the diagonal side, or on the lateral side. Shades within a specified gait.

A "trotty tolt" is not a fox trot.

A fox trot is a clearly definable, definitely acceptable, clear gait. It is nothing like a tolt. The accepted definitions of fox trot and tolt are clear and they do not overlap.

However, an Icelandic Horse may be able to fox trot! If it can trot (naturally), and it can tolt (naturally), it can probably fox trot.

If the horse does a *forced* tolt, the gait may not be natural, and the horse may not be able to fox trot.

The Germans and Icelanders are somewhat naive in regard to gaits and have a limited understanding of the easy gaits of gaited horses. They have a chart that puts the tolt in the center of the easy gaits, but that is incorrect. It gives them a skewed view of gaits. This may have lead to the problems of further understanding natural easy gaits.

The running walk is at the center of the gait chart, right in the middle of the gait spectrum, from trot to pace. The running walk is even four beats, even set down, even pick up.

The tolt is a lateral gait, which places it between running walk and pace. The tolt is even four beats, even set down, but lateral pick up.

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