Icelandic Horse Connection

Icelandic Horses and Treeless Saddles

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Here's a few links to pictures of treeless saddles:

[] Cashel http://iceryder.net/cashel.html

[] Barefoot Saddle http://iceryder.net/barefootsaddle.html

[] Ansur http://iceryder.net/ansur.html

[] Bob Marshall Sports Saddle http://iceryder.net/sportssaddle.html (Pictures below)

[] Nickers Saddlery Sensation Pad

There are also a few other treeless options; i.e. Torsion, Tuend, Nickers Saddlery, Baretek, Enlightened Equitation, etc.


[] Bob Marshall Sport Saddle http://www.sportsaddle.com/noflash/saddles/saddles.html

[] Baretek http://baretek.com

[] BornFree (Bomfri) http://www.stallvra.com/Eng.htm

[] Cashel http://www.saddleuptack.com/webcat/items/item1101.htm

[] Mackinder Flex http://www.mackinderendurance.com/products.htm

[] FreeForm http://www.goldfinch-endurance.co.uk/freeform.html

[] Ansur http://www.ansursaddle.com/

[] Natural Ride http://www.lonetreetack.com/saddle/nat.html

[] Enlightened Equitation http://www.enlightenedequitation.com/public/saddles.html

[] Star Trekk http://www.trekkingsaddles-webshop.com/html/info-startrekk-en.html

[] Star Trekk Comfort http://tinyurl.com/4e9ha

[] Barefoot Saddle http://www.loristack.com/barefootfaq.htm

[] Awareness http://www.horsesense.net.nz/new_page_2.htm

[] Torsion http://www.gotreeless.com/endurance.htm

[] Tuend www.tuendtreelesssaddles.com

[] Boz http://www.bozsaddlery.com/Bareback.htm

Icelandic Horse and Treeless Saddle

Icelandic Horse and Treeless Saddle
Bob Marshall Treeless Endurance

Icelandic Horse and Treeless Saddle
Bob Marshall Trail Model with Horn

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