Training Tyra, an Older Icelandic Horse Mare

Tyra, an older Icelandic Horse mare, was recently started at the age of 15 years old. She was started with ground work, natural horsemanship style. Emphasis was on calmness, short sessions, slow progression, repetition, and rewards

In the images below, you will find the following exercises pictured:

  • Haltering
  • Friendly Game with the lead rope and with the training stick
  • Circle at the walk, both directions on line
  • Circle at the trot, both directions on line
  • Lifting of the feet (whoops! look at the back foot picture... what is the horse saying? looks like we need more work on that one)
  • Sessions should be short, end on a good note, and leave the horse calm.
For more information on groundwork, please see the Parelli 7 Games, and the Preparing Your Horse For The Future exercises.