Training a Young Gelding, An Impromptu Ride

This colt has had a nice upbringing and has been worked with, doing ground exercises. He was sat upon by his prior owner, and lead with a child on his back.

During a recent playday in the round corral, there were several people, horses, kids, dogs, and different activities going on. Taking it all in stride, this gelding was calm and never took a step out of line.

An opportunity presented itself, it seemed like it was a good time, so the gelding got his first ride with us.

Admist the activity, the rider makes his lead rope into a rein, lightly hops up onto him, waits for him to balance himself, checks in with him by rubbing him in different places, asks him to move off, and then takes a leisurely couple of trips around the corral.

No sweat, no tension, everything calm and easy.

A couple of things to remember: this gelding was properly prepared prior to this ride; the lack of saddle and bit is intentional, the less restriction / confinement on the horse, the better.

Finally, his owner gets a chance to sit on him for the first time. What a treat!

Special Note: We strongly supporting riding with a helmet!

More of this young gelding's training.

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