PNH with Lokkadis

Janet Fram of Vermont has graciously provided pictures of her Icelandic Horse mare, Lokkadis, going thru the Level 1 tasks.

On the IceHorses Email Discussion List Judy suggested that perhaps USIHC awards should be given to different types of excellence with horses. One that she mentioned was to someone like Janet Fram, who is working on Parelli Level 3 with her mare Lokkadis. The following is Janet's reply:

"I read this aloud to my husband about the USIHC, and he had an immediate response. This is a unique program for the benefit of the horse and is about improving your relationship with your horse through love, understanding and communication. Borge feels that this effort on the part of the people involved should be acknowledged. We are not involved in this program for the sake of Pat Parelli or to win recognition from other people but to improve our understanding and communication skills with our horses.

We have owned Icelandic Horses for 26 years now. This is the first program that with Icelandic Horses that actually works and has given us a better relationship with our horse companions. The horse is the only judge of our successes in this program. We think that the USIHC should give awards in order to encourage many more Icelandic Horse owners to improve their relationship and communication with their horses."

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