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The following chart shows the common age of tooth eruption:

Common ages for tooth eruption
Type of tooth Number Deciduous Permanent
Incisor First (central) birth to 8 days 2.5 yrs
Incisor Second (intermediate) 4.5-6 weeks 3.5-4 yrs
Incisor Third (corner) 6-9 months 4.5-5 yrs
Canine Absent 3.5-5 yrs, some around 6 yrs (if ever)
Premolar First (wolf) Absent 6 months to 3 years (if ever)
Premolar Second birth to 2 weeks 2-3 yrs
Premolar Third birth to 2 weeks 2.5-3 yrs
Premolar Fourth birth to 2 weeks 3-4 yrs
Molar First Absent 9-12 months
Molar Second Absent 2 yrs
Molar Third Absent 3-4 yrs

Icelandic Horse Teeth

Icelandic Horse Teeth

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