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Loftur, Stolen Icelandic Horse

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Stolen Icelandic Horse, Stolen night of 6/11/07, Icelandic gelding, "Loftur," 14.2 hands, bold pinto markings, base white with reddish-brown patches, shod four feet, thick white forelock covers eyes. May be traveling with Icelandic mare, "Gara," dark gray with dappling, flaxen mane and tail. Transported in white 2004 Silverado truck, license "HARES2U," white 2004 Logan trailer, license "ICEYS." Suspect is female, 46 years, 5'4", long red/blonde hair. Horses were at Marina Equestrian Center. May be in Gilroy or Monterey County, CA area or Utah. Email Mike McPherson mikefmc2005@yahoo.com
stolen icelandic Horse

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