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Icelandic Horse Rescue Dies of Rabies

The original rescue story is at this link Two Icelandic Horse Rescues.

Follow up messages are on the IceHorses Email Discussion List (also see the browser at the bottom of this page).

From Anneliese:

I found out that Janice's new horse, Stali, rescued from a difficult situation, just died.

Janice is devastated and the expenses have been high.

I am asking the list to come through for her and make a little contribution to defray expenses. If everyone pitches in we can help her overcome her financial loss.

We can't bring Stali back to life but we can give her our support and in this case financial support is needed. My check is on the way.

Janice, please do not be mad at me. I got you into this I want to do what I can to help you out.


Contributions to:

Janice McDonald
11706 Scott Road
Fountain, FL 32438

Expenses involved with the rescue of Stali:

Initial cost to pay for him, to get him out of the situation
Transporation to the new home
Vet calls
Veterinary Hospital costs
Costs for quarantine of the other animals who were exposed to Stali

Costs of Rabies shots for anyone exposed [Editorial Note: Several people had to get the series of rabies shots, including the owners of WindGait Farm who took the rescue mare who came with Stali, and Janice's 7 yo nephew who fed Stali.]
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