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Spirulina, Possible Help for the Immune System

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A number of people on the EC list are using spirulina for their horses with allergies.

They are buying the spirulina from http://herbalcom.com on page:


Or go to http://www.herbalcom.com and search for spirulina, or click on to the Products and Ordering link, and scroll down to Spirulina.

One pound is $13.65, and Dr. Kellon has suggested 10 grams (half an ounce by volume measure) per 500 lbs of body weight, given twice daily in the feed or by drench.

Or recommended dosage for 'allergy' situations is 40g a day, separated into two feedings (20g per dose). Consistency in feeding spirulina is important for the effectiveness.

From "Prescription for Nutritional Healing" by James and Phyllis Balch :

"Recognized the world over as the most promising of all microalgae, spirulina is an immediate food resource. Spirulina thrives in hot, sunny climates and in alkaline waters around the world. It represents a breakthrough in the production of food, producing twenty times as much protein as soybeans growing on an equal-sized area of land.

Spirulina contains concentrations of nutrients unlike any other single grain, herb, or plant. It contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), linoleic and arachidonic acids, vitamin B12 (needed especially by vegetarians, for healthy red blood cells), iron, a high level of protein (60 to 70 percent), essential amino acids, the nucleic acids RNA and DNA, chlorophyll, and phycocyanin, a blue pigment that is found only in blue-green algae and that has increased the survival rate of mice with liver cancer in laboratory experiments.

Spirulina is a naturally digestible food that aids in protecting the immune system, in cholesterol reduction, and in mineral absorption. Spirulina is beneficial while fasting. It supplies the nutrients needed to help cleanse and heal, while also curbing the appetite. A person with hypoglycemia may benefit from using this food supplement between meals because its high protein content helps stabilize blood sugar levels."

Please feel free to forward to those who may be in need of additional methods to try in controlling summer eczema (sweet itch), allergies, heaves, COPD, etc.

Let us know of the success or failure so that we can compile information for efficacy.

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