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To promote the "naturally" gaited Icelandic Horse, we discourage the use of weighted shoes and / or boots.

In Iceland, the use of weighted shoes and boots seems common place, so common place, that some people deny that it takes place. Maybe they feel that, since the weight of the heavier shoes isn't as much as those used on Tennessee Walkers, it doesn't count.

A few years ago, the World Horse Organization (for Health, Behavior, and Welfare) met in Iceland. Imagine their surprise when the hosting country notes that they use weights on their horses. See the video from the meeting click here, wherein use of weights is mentioned.

If all Icelandic Horses at shows, evaluations, and competitions must be shod, how does that allow for naturally gaited horses to come to the top?

If weights (via shoes or boots) are used, how can we be sure who are the best naturally gaited horses?

icelandic horseshoes

The above shoes were on an imported Icelandic Horse.
The heavier shoes in front, the others on the rear.

The shoe to the right is similar in size to the regular keg shoe in the US.

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