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Safety Stirrups

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The image below shows several different types of safety stirrups for equestrians. These will help to make your horse back riding hobby a little safer.

Included below are regular safety stirrups, double safety irons, flexible joint stirrups, peacock stirrups, and another style similar to the peacock irons.

They are easy to install, and many of them are marked "L" for left side, and "R" for right side. It's easy to see on the single safety stirrups that the bent side goes out, away from the horse's side.

For the double safety stirrups, you want the stirrup to set so that your foot will slide out sideways easily. Try them on your feet first as you sit in a chair. As your left foot would slip out to the left, you want the bend in the outside of the stirrup more forward. Hard to describe, but I think you'll see it when you play with them.

Just make sure you have them on the correct way (outside branch curving toward the front of the horse). If reversed, they'll actually work to *trap* your foot.

As an aside: These safety endurance stirrups come in all colors!

icelandic horse safety stirrups

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