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Can't Pass Up A Training Op

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I broke my leg about a month ago. It was the weekend of the big family reunion, and our son was here with his dog; our daughter also here with her dog. The three boy dogs love to play and run together. On this one particular morning, their big ball of forward-moving energy was unfortunately, accidently aimed at me. I heard the pop and some rips and crackles before I hit the ground.

I was unable to use crutches, so our daughter, a podiatrist, recommended the Roll-A-Bout. It is available as a rental. We're about to send the Roll-A-Bout back, so I had to take some time to use it for a training opportunity with Charm. This appliance, built for use with distal limb injuries, enabled me to be mobile; at least when I wasn't restricted to elevating the leg!

Altho I really didn't feel well enough to work with the horses, or to get out there to see them for the past month, I couldn't pass up this training opportunity to expose the filly to something new. My husband helped me and got her from the pasture. She didn't look twice at the roll-a-bout; it didn't bother her at all.

This is the previous video, before I could go outside;
bored to tears in the house.

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