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IceHorse Rescue / Rehab

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We have been involved with Icelandic Horse rescue and rehab for about ten years.

There is a population of about 2500 registered Icelandic Horses in the US, with quite a number of horses in the "rescue and rehab" category. Our old Rescue and Rehab website is here.

Hlynur is one of our rescues; he was about 16 years old when we picked him up late in 2004. There are some pictures of him here.

Here is the story about the recent rescues: Two Rescue Icelandic Horses; Abuse--Not a Matter of Money or Class.

Update!! One of the rescues died of rabies; story to follow... Contributions.

Here are some of the rescues:


Von, Icelandic Horse mare.

Sam, pinto, blue-eyed Icelandic Horse gelding.

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