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Icelandic Horse, Tigull, Rehab Needs Home

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This horse is an Icelandic Horse rehab, I need to get all the correct details on him, but he is a gelding, probably about 8 years old, pretty sure he's registered.

He had a bad start in training, distrustful of people, but I've worked with him a few times, and from these videos, you can see he *wants* to cooperate, he *wants* to do what is asked of him.

He needs to go to someone who is willing to do groundwork for a while (maybe a long time), use positive reinforcement, brush him, and be with him, and give him a different paradigm of how to view people.

I suspect that he probably needs chiropractic, as well, since his back muscles are somewhat atrophied (could be from the icelandic saddle and / or being force framed to gait).

Video Here.

He is available at no fee to be placed in the right home.

I have other video, as well as pictures, of him as well.

Please feel free to forward.

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