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Icelandic Horse mare, Angan, Needs Home

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Angan fra Pegasus USIHC US96200803

This Icelandic Horse mare, Angan, is a brood mare, looking for a new home.

She was born in 1996; Sire: Fengur fra Stokkseyri; Dam: Drottning fra Grimstungu

From the owner: "Angan is a beautiful, 13 hand mare out of the first prize stallion, Fengur fra Stokkseyri. Horses from this bloodline are very smart, quick and fun to train with spunk. Angan is a sensitive mare, and has given me multiple, high quality foals."

She is approximately 13 hands.
Angan, Icelandic Horse mare

Angan, Icelandic Horse mare

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