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Raven and Huginn's Hospital Bills

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Icelandic Horse Pony in Hospital
Image by Dee Dreslough of the IceHorse Email List

UPDATE: For information about donations, auctions, etc., please see Huginn Donations.

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Update on Monday, June 2, 2007, from Debbie:

I just got off the phone With Raven, we talked and talked this afternoon and again this evening,

The first call was the results of the scope, It showed that he has bastard Strangles... They popped/drained one abscess in his throat, they also found a suspicious spot in his belly...That was actually the good news to tell you the Truth...Because they felt that he should be able to go home on Thursday after the scope as by then he will have been on the antibiotics for 6 days... They said they wanted to do one more test to check that tummy spot before they would release him... the Vet thought he would be stable enough to go home.. He would need to be quarantined at her farm until he had 3 clean swabs... which would be about 6 weeks minimum...

They did more blood work today, the results came back this evening, Raven called me back to tell me about them, she is really upset now you guys as his Kidney and Liver Enzymes are VERY HIGH... higher then they were, Friday, higher then Sat, Higher then Sunday... so they are thinking that there might be abscesses on both his kidney and his liver... so that means ultrasounds and more time maybe at the U...

The Vet bill is going to be close to, if not over $10,000... Raven is going to be going through her things and selling as much as she can, she will compile a list for us...

I know she is going to sell her back up saddle, a beautiful very lightly used Sensation, with a skito pad and dixie midnight pad, she is talking about selling her "New to her" RV... as well as some other tack... Just so she can make the payments she will have to the U of M if they let her make payments, she will find this out tomorrow...

For sure her riding season is over for this summer, and maybe the rest of the year...

This never should have happened folks, we both were at an endurance Clinic two weeks before Huggin got sick.. one of the horses that was there was sick, snotty nose, the owner, and the owners daughter were helping with the Clinic, they did a "VET CHECK" on Raven's horse, Raven said, "did you wash your hands I know you have a sick horse", the girl said "yes"... Raven did not realize they were Mother and Daughter or I think she may not have let either one of them touch her horse, HINDS SITE... I am kicking myself cause I knew and thought she realized that, but she missed that bit of info... anyway, I had another person vet check Jewel, she was in their group, they actually did a pulse recovery check via the mouth.. she asked them if they had washed their hands, apparently NOT!!!!

They both acted like it was no big deal... it was just a cold... well, THEY NEVER SHOULD HAVE BROUGHT a SICK horse to this CLINIC!!!! I am so mad... Raven is so mad... rightly so...

I am racking my brain trying to figure out how to help her turn this Lemon into Lemonade, this is just devastating for her. So, if any of you have any ideas, please pass them on to me.

I suggested she do her Reiki as she is now qualified to do that... she is good too..

. At the moment she is not up to being on the lists much, I will be in touch with her... we talk frequently... so I will keep you posted and pass any ideas on for her.... As soon as she gets her list compiled she will post it, we have been talking about that tonight too... please continue your vigil for Huggin, Raven, her husband Dan and of course Dixie, she has been very depressed and lonely... Raven almost brought her into the house last night... instead they went for a long walk as I am sure most of you read earlier...

As I get more info, I will pass it on...

Debbie in MN


From Raven: Dear CyberFriends,

Thank you SO VERY MUCH for all your love, prayers, healing light and support you have given my pony Huginn and me.

I can not even begin to tell you how much this means to us!! I feel so blessed and I know that Huginn feels your love.

I have been crying since early this afternoon when I met with Dr. Tan at the U of MN. I am just sick to my stomach with fear.

Huginn has a case of bastard strangles. As you know Huginn has been fighting high temps since June 21st. And the Vets (my private vet and U of MN vets) had no clue as to what was making him ill. Other than the high temps, a bit off feed and being lethargic, he had NO other symptoms. That is why the all the vets have been so darn baffled.

This afternoon, they performed a endoscope on Huginn and found an abscess putting pressure on his larynx and another one in his guttural pouch. On Thursday, they will do another endoscope to check out a suspicions "spot" in his stomach and also an ultrasound on Huginn's liver to rule out an abscess. Dr. Tan is concerned about his liver and kidneys, as the blood panel enzymes keep getting higher (calcium??).

It seems as my pony has a storm going on in his body...but he is remaining very cheerful towards the Vet staff. They all keep telling me what a good boy he is and how much they adore him.

Huginn is still eating his beet pulp, but not really interested in his hay.

Dr. Tan believes if no other abscesses are found, Huginn will pull through fine. But, she is worried about what she may find.

Huginn has a long recovery ahead of him. And I pray that little Dixie is okay and her loneliness does not hurt too much. She is still calling for Huginn. <:9[

I miss Huginn very much! I have not seen him since Friday. I really need to see my boy! The camera in his stall was not working tonite. I am going to try to get in to see him tomorrow, I just want to touch him.

I want to thank a few folks who shared their great fund raising idea with Debbie. Debbie and I will try to put something together and send the info off to the list.

I can not tell you how scared to death I am. Many of you remember my beloved Wizard and how I lost him. Huginn's illness is just more than I can bear at this time. I just am not ready to lose another horse that I dearly love. I have been in a bit of a funk for the last few days, worried about Huginn and now...I am trying really hard to pull myself up and be brave.

I want to thank my very best friend Debbie, who has always been there to love and support me.

What would we do without good friends? Your guys are the best!

I will try my hardest to read and answer your emails. Please know that I am not avoiding you, I am just a bit overwhelmed right now.

Please give all your horses and dogs a big hug and kiss from me. Without our animals, we would have little empty spots in our hearts and lives.

Good Nite...sweet dreams!

Lucy & Molly, the Girl Doggies
Huginn & Dixie Chick, the Back Behind the Barn Ponies



Raven called and said that the Vet called her this afternoon,

They are still baffled by Huginn's illness... he has NO SNOT coming out of his nose, he should have SNOT running everywhere, since they popped the abscess in his throat... but there is none... so they are Not 100% positive that he has Strangles...

What a roller coaster for Raven....

The Good news,was that the Ultra sound of the liver looks good...

however they do not understand why the White blood cell count, Liver and Kidney Enzymes are so high, and remain so while the red blood cell count remains LOW

Her Vet, Dr Tan used the word Cancer today. She had expected to find either an Abcess or a cancerous tumor on the Liver, but it was not there...

She said, all the vets have come down to see Huginn, and are all baffled by what he is presenting... they all love him too... He is eating the beat pulp, not hay, he is happy and alert... loving on all the attendants and Vets while they try to figure this out.

The plan is to do the blood panels everyday, so they will do that again tomorrow then they will do another scope as planned on Thursday to see what the abcess looks like that they drained and also check that suspicious one in his gut. and look for others...

She said the Vet said that his panels are like those of a Severe Colic.. but he did not colic, he is pooping, albeit only a little bit, cause he is not eating much other then the beat pulp and baby carrots, still no hay...

So please continue to send him Light, love, energy and prayers!

Raven is so appreciate for all the support, the energy, prayers, money, donations, donations from sales of items, as well as the the idea raffle and/or the auction off items...

I still have to figure out how best to do the EBay, raffle and / or Auction... I will work on that tomorrow or Thursday ok, all ideas on how to do it are appreciated... you can send them privately if you like...

She is grateful and appreciates everyone... she told me that she shared a couple of the emails I had forwarded to her at work today with her boss, who is not an animal person... her boss was in tears after reading them, as was she.

You guys really are the best... If I could hug you all, I would... Please know that I/we thank you...

I want you to know that she is also concerned about raising more money then what the bill will be... I told her not to worry about that, as a solution for that money will appear we we need to think about that, Right now, I said, just know you can make the right decisions for Huginn, cause you have people who love you and care and want to help...v She said, "Please Debbie, ask the lists what we should do!!" I said OK... cause I know, that one of you will have a great idea for that as well...



Here is Raven's home address...

Raven Flores
1157 Coulee Trail
Roberts WI 54023

Her paypal account is ridewiz@AOL.com


John is donating a finder's fee from anyone who gets equine insurance from him:

"If anyone wants to get equine insurance, or if they send someone to me to get it, put in your email, or tell them to put in their email, the word "Raven" as part of the subject line, and I can donate a finder's fee or "bird-dog fee" John sthrncwboy@aol.com

Have folks go here http://www.profins-finsvcs.com/equine.shtml to get a quote for equine insurance. Or heck, they can click on HOME and look at the menu of all coverages we provide. I don't guess it has to be equinew insurance. Just have them mention "Raven" somewhere on the online request form or if they email, fax, or call us for a quote."


From Barbara:

I will commit to 5% of all sales of ThinLine, Skito, and Sheepskin products during the month of July off our web site http://www.aretesaddlery.com being donated to Huggin's vet bills.


Debbie, I would be more than happy to donate 20% of any IN STOCK items from my website. I would just need them to note "Raven and Huggin" in the comments section.

Best, Michelle http://www.ChestnutHillDesigns.com


I just listed a bunch of pairs of my Fuzzy Logic Equine riding pants on eBay for sale and a nice leather girth. I am selling these with the proceeds going to Raven and Huginn to help with vet bills.

Here's a link to one of my pants. http://tinyurl.com/32m2kp You can then open up the list of stuff I have for sale. My eBay moniker is Birting2.

Dawn B.S. - northern Michigan


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