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We are concerned with the amount of mechanical aids used to get the Icelandic Horse to "tolt" (aka Rack).

It seems that the bits are getting more severe, as well as the nosebands.

We'd like to see the natural gaits of the Icelandic Horse be recognized and valued, rather than manipulated gaits.

Here are some links to images / photos / pictures, that are educational in value:

No More Mechanical Aids for the Icelandic Horse

Why is the Icelandic Horse's Mouth Open?

Knee in the Nose Icelandic Horse Trot

A Severe Bit AND a flash noseband?

The Open Mouth of the Icelandic Horse Means Something!

The Bit, Controlled by the Heavy Contact by the Rider, Hurts the Icelandic Horse's Mouth

A few fun images:

Icelandic Horse as Rudolph for the Holidays

Santa Rides an Icelandic Horse, Skumur

Another Santa Riding an Icelandic Horse

Icelandic Horse Diving Into Pool

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