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Natural Horsemanship and Horses in Europe

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We've all seen the horses ridden in an upside down frame, cranked back in the neck, heavy hands on the bit... all in an attempt to "control" the horse.

This type of riding is particularly prevalent in the show ring, in competitions and evaluations for Icelandic Horses. Is it necessary? More and more people are finding out that they prefer a "naturally" gaited horse, and enjoy building the relationship with their Icelandic Horse before working on any gait training. A "natural" gait, done without special shoes, saddles, nosebands, bits, etc. generally follows without any specific training.

Here are some of the fore-runners in Europe, using natural horsemanship (Parelli, Bill Dorrance) with their Icelandic Horses.

This is Sarah of Germany, below, (website), and Annette of Switzerland.

Barbara Bensmann also has a good PNH / Icelandic website: click here.

More Pictures of Icelandic Horses from Europe.

The beautiful Sarah.

And our friend Heike, who was doing NH as a child:

More Pictures of Icelandic Horses from Europe.

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