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New Pages This Week 2

We have more new pages for Icelandic Horse owners, about Icelandic Horses!

Did you know.... that the Icelandic Horse is a mixture of several pony breeds (and cross breeds)? that holding their heads and necks with too much contact negatively affects their vision? that Icelandic Horse conformation and shape of the back can be very different from one Icelandic Pony to another?

[] Loftfari and the Rattlesnake

[] Measurement Converter (Hands, Centimeters, Inches)

[] Video and Audio Podcasts

[] The Horse's Vision

[] Icelandic Horse and Saddle Slippage

[] The Shape of the Horse's Back

[] Considerations for the Heavier Rider

[] Comparison of Pommel / Gullet Widths of Saddles

[] Some Training Exercises With Charm

[] Charm Rolling A Bucket

[] Ljufur, A Cruciate Ligament Problem

[] A Mixture of Breeds, Tack, and Gaits

[] The "Trotty Tolt"

[] What It Takes To Run A Boarding Facility

[] Equine Manners, Equine Certified Citizen Program

[] Icelandic Horse and Grazing Muzzles

[] Charm Says "No"

[] Playing With Charm, Some Fun Behaviors

[] Charm's First Trip To The River

[] Saddle Fitting Guides

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