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[] Nutrition / Maturity

[] Foal Calculator

[] Preparing Your Horse for the Future

[] Give to the Bit Exercises

[] A New Obstacle for Hlynur...the Tunnel!

[] Icelandic Horse and Collection

[] A Concern of Lice on Imported Horses

[] Weight-Carrying Ability

[] Training Sunny

[] Clicker Training Clinic Report

[] Moses Cone Trail Ride

[] Help with Leading, A Natural Trainer

[] Some of Charm's Training Pictures

Week Before:

Metal Differences in Bits

Bone Spurs From Bit Damage

Buyers Questions to Ask When Considering Buying an Icelandic Horse

Clicker Training Clinic Report

The Dog Walk

European Riding vs American Riding

Introducing a Foal to a Halter

The Flat Walk

Foal Scours

Foal Calculator

Training All Four Corners of the Horse

The Gait Chart

The Gift

Lateral Movement of Foals

Audio Clips from Leslie Desmond's New Audio Book

Moses Cone Trail Ride

Pictures of A Young Filly's Training (Play Time)

American Icelandic Horse Postage Stamps!

Saddle Fitting and Icelandic Saddles

Sending Horses Out For Training

Use of Spurs

Video, Filly Rings Bell

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