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Bridleless, Neck Rope Riding

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Have you ever wondered how it would feel to ride your Icelandic Horse / Pony "au naturel"? Or at least bridleless? Or with a neck rope?

There are a few pages with pictures of Icelandic Horses being ridden with the neck rope:

[] Neck Rope Riding, Page 1

[] Neck Rope Riding, Page 2

Robyn Hood, of The IceFarm, and of TTEAM / Ttouch, sister to Linda Tellington-Jones, shares an article with us from the TTEAM Connections newsletter about The Neck Ring, how to use it, and the benefits to your horse or pony from use of the neck ring.

[] Experience the Joy of Riding Using the Lariat Neck Ring (a .pdf file)

As always, do this in a safe environment, wear a helmet, and start with your bridle on, as well as the neck rope.

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