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Natural Gait of the Icelandic Horse

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There is nothing more wonderful than a naturally gaited Icelandic Horse!

Now, let's find one!

What does "naturally" gaited mean?

Generally, it means a horse that will gait for you bareback and in a sidepull or halter... without a special saddle, without a bit, without shoes, without the rider sitting way back, without heavy contact on the reins, without a noseband, without special training.

Some of the Icelandic Horses have been made to gait with saddles that either pinch their withers or dig into their loins; or by the use of weighted shoes, pads, or boots; and / or along with tight nosebands, bits that don't fit.

Some people have horses like this... and they're sad to find out that they've paid a lot of money for a horse that only gaits with weights, gimmicks, or manipulation.

When horses that are manipulated into gait win at the shows and competitions, they become more popular for breeding, which perpetuates the production of not-so-naturally gaited horses.

Before buying, look around for a naturally gaited horse. You will never have to force him to gait!

A naturally gaited horse is a pleasure to own. And this should be the foundation stock for breeding!

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