Wanted: Icelandic Horses Trained With Natural Horsemanship

We have been promoting natural horsemanship with Icelandic Horses for several years now, but recently was reminded by the following message that I received, why we started promoting NH for Icelandic Horses:

"I was very encouraged to find a website interested in promoting natural horsemanship in this breed. I have 4 horses and have decided to add an icelandic to our family. However, I have been dismayed at the condition of the icelandics I have ridden thus far. All have been from iceland and all have been so hard in the mouth, neck and poll. I am not in a position to take on any more projects and rehab situations. Honestly, I need to find the near perfect horse for a green rider. We need a positive experience without a lot of challenges. A bombproof sweetheart! Too much to ask? I hope not."

Many of the newcomers to Icelandic Horses want this type of horse. In general, in the breed, we're on our way to producing more of these types of horses, as more and more owners are using Parelli (Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship), Bill Dorrance (True Horsemanship Thru Feel), John Lyons (Lyons Perfect Horse), TTEAM, or similar training methods. The methods of Monty Roberts or round-penning are not what we're talking about. Generally, the breeders tend to be more traditional, but there are a few who are using natural horsemanship. There just aren't enough trained with natural horsemanship, yet, to be flexible and light, to meet the demand.

Newcomers also would like easy-to-get soft gaits that come with a naturally gaited horse; gaits that are not dependent on tack (saddles, bits) or forced frames.

If you have any horses for sale who have been trained with NH, PNH, etc., light, soft, flexible, please let me know! Thanks!

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