Levi was foaled in either 1992 or 1993, was captured in the spring of 1994 in the northwest corner of Nevada in the Black Rock Desert, processed and freezebranded in Winnemucca, Nevada, gelded in July on 1994, and orginally adopted in October 1994 at the San Luis Obispo, CA adoption held at the Madonna Inn Arena.

His orginal adopter had him nearly two years, did very little with him, and then called the local chapter of the American Mustang and Burro Association in late Oct 1996, trying to find someone to take him, and had not titled him yet, meaning that she had not bothered to send back the paperwork to the BLM to acquire ownership.

Ann was called by the then president of the local Central Coast Chapter of the AMBA, and was told he was about 16 hands and a nice bay with no white. Ann offered to drive down to Arroyo Grande and take photos of him, as a courtesy. Ann spoke to the adopter many times by phone, and after taking the photos, went down and purchased him for \$200. The adopter then sent in the paperwork to the BLM and was properly titled.

Ann promptly registered him with the American Mustang and Burro Association (www.bardalisa.com). Ann then did all the ground work to prepare him for saddle training.

in Feb 1997, Ann began his under saddle work, and then took him over to Patty Cochrane's in March 1997 to be finished.

He demonstrated talent in dressage, and has been competing since June 7, 1997 successfully, starting with small cross country and stadium jumps and progressing to Fourth Level dressage in 2002.

The article in RIDE covers alot of the training details. The follow up article in RIDE continues the story.

Ride! article, and updates on Levi's progress

Levi and Patty showed in 2004 in Tehachapi, and Los Osos, and in Somis, where he got his highest scores at Fourth Level, ending the season with an average of about 62% on tests 2 and 3.

For 2005, we are planning to show at DG Bar on May 13th, and then up in Pleasanton on June 19th and 20th, possibly in San Juan Batista on June 27th at the Osierlea facility, and then for sure up in Watsonville on July 30th and 31st at Sandy Howards place, American Sport Horse, for the Coastal Classic.

We are planning to show at Prix St. George at every show, along with our new Fourth Level Freestyle to Billy Joel's "Iron Curtain" and "52nd St" albums. The music was selected by me, Ann, and edited by Lunatunes of Victorville California.

By listing his show schedule, we hope that some of his fans will be able to come and see him in action LIVE !

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Photo above by Lisa Dines of foresthorse.com, taken in Bishop, CA,
October 2001 at First Annual California Wild Horse and Burro Show