Good Horsemanship

Correction Sheet For Lee Ziegler's Book, Easy-Gaited Horses

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Credits page:  add “Cover model rider, Kathryn Utke, cover horse, Casey’s Last Chance, owned by Kit Darrow.”

Pg. 17  col. 1 , line 3  “broken 1-2,3-4”

Pg. 19 col. 2, line 4 under TROT heading  “a trot”

Pg. 20 col. 2, para. 2, line 3 “1-2,3-4”

Pg. 33  illustration of bone structure  replace “dorsal” with “thoracic”

Pg. 63  caption under hand position picture  D. for the most head elevation.

Pg. 100, col. 1, second bullet  “right seat bone,  .. toward the right”

Pg. 102  col. 2, second bullet  “ .. side with right leg .. keeping your left leg solidly .. the right leg as a focal point .. the left leg that he is to bend.”

Pg. 103  col. 2, 4th bullet  “ Press a little more with the right leg .. reduce pressure from the left leg .. reduce contact with the right rein...
             more contact with the left  …”

Pg. 109  col. 2, para.2  “aids for turn on the forehand to the left ( reverse aids for a turn to the right)”  Turn on haunches illustration should show
              right foot of rider in gray or white if possible

Pg. 117 col. 1, line 2 “1-2,3-4” 
             col. 2, para.2, line 5 “you trail ride ..”

pg. 119 col.1, line 1  “to help a horse ..”

pg. 151  col.2, para. 2, line 4  “horses’ backs anticipate ..”

pg. 156  captions   top sequence “The hard or true pace” bottom sequence “the broken pace”

pg. 178  caption  “into your horse’s side with your right leg behind the girth …weight to left side of your seat.”

Pg. 180  col.1, first bullet  “circle to the left ..”
              col. 2, para. 3, line 7  “ stepping in his right front track with his left hind hoof.”

Pg. 192  col. 2, last para.  “into a canter from those gaits.”
Pg  194  col. 2,  para. 2 (under heading)  “begin free-longeing for a canter ..”

Pg. 199 col. 1. para 1 “traveling to the left”  “dressage whip to your right hand.”

Pg. 211  col. 1, para.2 “either side of the little finger..”

Pg. 213  col.2, para. 3, line 3 and 4.  “curb reins in the middle, with more slack ..”

Pg. 215 col.1, bottom line “learn how to do them with your horse.”

Pg. 233  col. 2, under heading “Won’t Move” line 7  “using diagonal aids.”

Pg. 240  Add Tennessee Walking Horse to  list under Americas.

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