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Lee, Ziegler, Easy Gaited Horses

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Lee Ziegler has been riding most of her life, having been boosted up on a horse literally before she could walk by her father, Col J.W. Bradbury. Early on she learned formal riding and jumping from a former U.S. Cavalry instructor, as well as more informal western riding and cattle work on the family ranch in Wyoming. She also rode and studied dressage in Germany while living in Europe in the early 1960's.

Thirty years ago she was injured in a car accident and discovered that sitting or posting a trot was no longer possible for extended periods. Unwilling to give up on riding, she began to ride and then train easy gaited horses, managing a small breeding and training operation.

Although her first gaited breed was the Missouri Fox Trotter, and she became an authorized inspector of these horses in the late 1970's, and a carded judge in 1983, she soon began to work with horses of various gaited breeds including flat shod Tennessee Walking Horses, pleasure racking horses, and the Paso breeds.

A strong interest in the biomechanics of gait has led her to develop a method for teaching horses to work in their best gait, based on their conformation and their natural physical development, using basic good horsemanship and dressage techniques and no gimmicks. Using this as a basis for training, for the past 20 years she has ridden, trained, and taught people to ride their gaited horses.

In the late 1970's she began to share her experience with gaited horses through articles in such publications as : Horse and Horseman, The Missouri Fox Trotter, Walking Way, Gaitway, The Canadian Walking Horse Report, The Gaited Horse Magazine, and Paso Fino Horse World. She has conducted numerous clinics on identifying and riding gaited horses, starting in the early 1980's, in New Mexico, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, California, Colorado, Louisiana, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Illinois, Arizona, Georgia, Kentucky and Germany. When not conducting clinics or writing, she teaches gaited riding nearer to home, and is engaged in the never-ending process of riding and training her own horses.

She currently lives in Colorado with two horses, one Tennessee Walker mare (Sarah) and one Fox Trotter gelding (Morgan). They keep her life interesting and provide endless opportunities for developing and refining her training techniques.

Some of Lee's articles are reproduced here:

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[] The Upside-Down Horse

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[] What Gait Is That Horse Doing?

[] Bits For Gaited Horses

[] How to do Your Own Conformation Analysis for Gait

[] Making Contact, How To Use A Bit

[] No Engagement of the Hindquarters in Rack (Tolt)

[] Half Halts for the Gaited Horse

[] Riding The Gaits

[] Training For Trail, Part 1

[] Training For Trail, Part 2

[] Saddle Comparisons

[] Gait Phases

[] Conformation Analysis of Patches

[] Saddle Position, Rider Position

[] Speed and Reach for the Flat Walk and Fox Trot

[] Training The Fox Trotter to Canter

[] Bits For Fox Trotters

[] What Is and What Isn't A Flat Foot Walk

[] The Fox Trot and It's Variations

[] What Is and Is Not A Canter

[] Desirable Front Leg Action for the Fox Trot Gait

Lee's DVD. Gaits Without Gimmicks: Lee Ziegler: A Lesson with Satin and Elva.
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