Icelandic Horse Connection

Leading Help From Tir, A Natural Trainer

Story by Kim Cassidy:

Tir my boxer likes to help me put the horses out in the mornings and evenings up at the farm. Well last week I discovered she had hidden talents. We have a baby on the property, he's 4 months now and he is lead out to the pasture in his halter. He balks a lot and lately I've taken to carrying my dressage whip so I can ask for forward movement from the hind end.

Tir saw me standing there stretched out with the lead line pointing forward and my other hand tapping the go forward spot.

She jumped up and grabbed the lead line and started pulling Eli to where he needed to go.

The next day I had my camera ready to capture the fun. We started in the stall and I just handed Tir the lead rope. She proceeded to take Eli out to the correct pasture with no assistance from me. What was really cool was she would put pressure on the lead and when Eli would put slack in the lead line she would give him an instant release. She is a very accurate in her timing :)

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