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I am in need of a wonderful home for a reg. icelandic mare. Her name is mona fra lyndar. we've called her Lynda, now Stella???? Anyway, I got her in spring of 2003. She came with an abscess and had good feet, but not good farriers until April 2005. Kathy Ackerman, PNH instructor, passed Lynda and I L1 and shortly after she laid down with sore feet.

My vet, at the time, came out and did not find soreness in feet,back, legs... So,I took her to Woodland Run Equine Hospital for x-rays and was found to have low thyroid ( how can they tell?) high insulin and suspicious liver enzymes. O.K. start all this medication and put heart bar shoes on her. June, my regular vet, at the time, came back out and put lilly pads on her also prescribed antihistamines as she was having some allergic reaction on her skin. Sweet itch? what's that?

X-rayed again in July to find some rotation on both front feet. 5-10% The summer went on and I changed my farrier and Vet. Got her off the meds and got natural.

Done having shoes made... it's time to cleanse. In finding the many resources on founder and that which relates, I had an AH HA moment. Stella, now, had had a shot of dexamethazone that spring of 2004. Is this what started this whole thing?

My property here in Ohio is wet and green. I have 4 horses on 5 acres and rotate pastures. I am having a difficult time keeping this horse. The isolation is making her unhappy. I can't monitor her except when I'm home as to keep the muzzle on. She begins to itch in spring and scratches until Sept. off comes the muzzle and back into your paddock...

The whole itching thing has been another gig only to find a few years later that it is a fungus on the legs that draws the gnats that bite. I ran the rounds of holistic and herbalists to finally hear that M.T.G. is the ticket. I love the winter with her but Spring is coming.

She is an easy keeper in the sense of not quality hay and a mineral/probiotic and natural worming program.My set-up is not working and Stella is not getting what she needs. Like a large dry area with a herd and managed food. She has been free of abscesses and has been sound since the end of July 2006.That in part to Tommy Lee Osha president of TLOP, Keith Seeley, Dr.s Mac Barksdale, Robert Bowker and my holistic approach in horsekeeping.

Now that I have her physically together I don't have the time she needs to exercise. She get plenty of play. She loves her herd. Stella needs a new zipcode and someone that could use her .Before her episode, we trail rode and she loved it.We have had the opportunity to get light working when we can and as much as we can on the ground in L2. Some carrot stick riding and my 10 year old had been riding her lightly until Oct.2006.

This is in the mares best interest and I am putting her out there knowing you are connected. I have a coming 5 year old icelandic mare, a coming 6 y.o.cutting horse mare, and an 11 y.o. arab/icelandic gelding trailhorse( I'm having to part with him too.) If I am going to be honest with my horses I must be honest with myself...

I'd like to sell her as she is rideable and useable. She is domestic and here is her registration so you can see that she is good stock ( Hrafn 802) Mona fra Lyndar # US00201622. I have lots of pictures ,not on my computer, and have references from my vet, farrier, Tommy Lee Osha as to her soundness. Her gaits are wonderful. I have had other icelandics and paso finos and was raised on a walking horse farm so I know gait. I have also worked cattle with her.

I'd like $3,000, being that she is sound and rideable. I'd hope to not have her as a broodmare but as a riding horse.She is light in phase 1 and will need a rider, handler that understands these horses thresholds. Any horse can get resistant but I have found with my icelandics that you don't have to go there... She does great in a halter/hack and I have been using a myler bristol loose ring snaffle and parellis new confidence snaffle.

Kathy King Raedeke in Ohio

Stella, Icelandic Horse mare

Stella, Icelandic Horse mare

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