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Treats for Insulin Resistant Horses

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Suggestions of treats for (suspected) insulin resistant horses:

[] Absolutely NOTHING that contains grains, flour, processed fats, sugar, honey, molasses. Human foods such as breads, cookies, pasta, or baked horse treats are absolutely the worst. Even the few kernels of grain a pony can scrounge up off the ground after non IR animals are fed is enough to founder an IR pony. I've seen it happen.

[] No fruits except very small bits of plums (Glycemic index 25), cherries (GI 23) or prunes (GI 16)

[] No carrots

[] Safest treat is just to hand feed your horse/pony a bit of the hay or pellets you have tested and know are safe

[] If your horse/pony is even interested, a small (flat palmful) portion of the following vegetables would be OK: iceberg lettuce, celery, mushroom, fresh parsley

[] Small palmful of apple peel (no chunks of fruit attached)

[] Tablespoon of low fat, plain, unsweetened yogurt

[] Shells and papery outer covering of nuts (save those peanut, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed shells)

[] Small palmful of shelled peanuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, soybeans (not roasted, flavored or fat added)

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