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A young lady, traveling alone on the backroads of California, heard some strange noises coming from her Toyota pickup. Luckily it was day light. She pulled over to the side of the lonely road, next to a grove.

She sat for a minute, wondering what to do. As she decided to lift the hood of the truck, two Icelandic ponies, one pinto and one palomino, came up to the truck, looking interestingly at the gal and the open hood.

The gal heard a voice say: "Take off the air cleaner and shake it clean."

Rolling her eyes around, the young lady snuck a peak over to the horses. Oh, well, not knowing where the voice came from, altho it sounded like it came from the pinto, possibly it was divine intervention, so she did as suggested.

The car started with no problem, and she made her way to a diner down the road.

As she was ordering her refreshments, she related her story to the waitress, a little embarrassed about thinking the voice possibly came from a pinto horse! Whereupon the waitress said: "Oh, good thing the pinto gave you the advice! the palomino doesn't know squat about Toyota trucks!"

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