From the Horse's Mouth

From the Horse's Mouth

From the Horse's Mouth
by Eugene Davis

This story exposes the awful truth behind the multi-million dollar Tennessee Walking Horse industry. Through the lives of two innocent horses we discover the painful fate of many. We follow the development of their breed from its beginning to the present. Equine nobility, innocence, and truth grapple with human cruelty, greed, and duplicity. It is an epic battle that continues after the final pages are turned, entrusting the reader with the knowledge of blatant atrocities, which cannot be ignored.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." ~~Mahatma Gandi

"Though this is a novel in which horses talk to each other and have visions and insight beyond their supposed capabilities, do not discount the amount of truth contained in these pages. All non-historical characters in this story, both human and equine, are fictional; however, many have been drawn from composites or variations of real life characters known to the author. The depictions of training practices and soring methods used in this book have all been either witnessed firsthand by the author, or accounted to him by undeniably reliable sources. If you doubt their authenticity, please investigate the matter yourself. If you don't doubt it, please do whatever you can to put an end to this horrible tragedy." ~~Eugene Davis

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