Good Horsemanship

Good Horsemanship

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We are very glad to bring good horsemanship into the Icelandic Horse world.

The riding and training style of Iceland is not considered "horsemanship". The training and riding is on the harsher side and does not consider the horse. It's more about domination and control; the use of mechanical aids (tight nosebands, whips, weights on the feet, painful bits, narrow saddles, sitting on the loins, etc.).

Icelandic riders, trainers, and professionals are more or less in a state of flux. They are in a transitory period, trying to learn more about riding and training styles, yet not quite having a grasp on any one method or style. Even tho their skills are below the par of American trainers, they still would like to make money from Americans. There are two programs attempting to be started: taking Americans to Iceland to learn what they are teaching; and sending Icelanders to America to teach.

The problem with both of these programs is that there is not much desire to buy what the Icelanders are selling.

The American style(s) of horsemanship are pretty high level, with the knowledge of conformation, anatomy, gaits, biomechanics, saddle fit, effect of rider on the horse, effect of feed, and any other area of concern.

It makes no sense to buy into a lower level of horse riding and training, when American horsemen can offer state of the art education in horsemanship.

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