Taking Hlynur For A Grazing Walk

Hlynur is one of our rescue Icelandic Horses. He's about 16 years old. We've had his shoes pulled, and his feet trimmed more in line with his conformation, and put him on a diet (Tele-Tubby was his nickname :-)). He's on bermuda grass as the alfalfa, oat, and timothy grasses have too much sugar for the easy-keepers (see the info on insulin resistant horses).

We don't yet have a full idea of what issues and behaviours has has. The following are some pictures taken on one of his grazing hand-walks, which is part of his re-training and getting to know him.

The "special" grazing area is an area that is
much lower than the surrounding ground, lots of brush (and bamboo).

It's the first of March and the grass is green!

Three or four dogs accompanied us
and he hears noises in the bushes.
It's the dogs, but he doesn't know that.

Back to grazing.

He hears noises again.

His body starts inching forward.

The fight or flight response kicks in,
and he leaves at a trot.

Going up the hill, he kicks into a canter.

He rounds the bend, and heads towards
the corrals and his buddies.

He sees me and decides to walk back over.

We look down the hill, into the culvert.

One day we'll have to ride (or swim) thru there.

Back to the grazing area.

You know, hand-walking horses is good exercise for the owner! :-)