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Klaus Hempfling's book, Dancing with Horses, has been transcribed into English by Kristina McCormack. It is sub-titled: Collected Riding on a Loose Rein.

As an preface to the book, there's a short story about a 96 yo man who was admired by everyone for his riding skill. On his deathbed, he bemoans his upcoming fate--the reason: "it was only about a week ago that I first realized what it means to truly ride a horse".

The book is about the natural balance of a horse and how riders can get into this natural balance ("is that not one of the obligations of riding?").

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Collected riding on a loose rein--an oxymoron? Is it possible? Hempfling feels that it is, and thru the book, tells how to do this.

Irreconcilable Opposites?

Dressage riders with shortened reins and casual riders on long reins riding styles at opposite ends of the spectrum. Is it possible that each faction has only a little of the truth, but can only see their own style as having value?

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