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Spinulina for Heaves (COPD)

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I have a 19 year old horse that I have owned for approximately three years.

He was being treated with prednisolone to keep his coughing and and heaves under control.

I was told last year from someone I met about spirulina. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I weaned him from the steroids, ordered it from Herbalcom.com and started giving it to him 1oz. twice a day. I think I started around February. He is doing great. He had not been off steroids for this long in years. This winter will be the first for him with out steroids, and when it went below zero last winter, he had a bad heaves attack.

I only started the spirulina after that so I don't know how the winter will go. I just know spring and summer are usually the worse for him and he has had no problems at all. Even after riding, his breathing is normal. The girls where I board are convinced that it works. I ran out for a couple of days and he immediately started coughing. Once he was back on it, all coughing immediately stopped. I tell everyone I meet about this stuff. I have also started taking it myself.

My dog was just diagnosed with autoimmune hemolytic anemia and I have started giving it to him also. It's too soon to tell, and I am still giving him the steroids with it, but will eventually try weaning him off the drugs. If anyone wants to contact me regarding my experience with it, please fell free to email me.


Joyce Turchan jturchan@dworkenlaw.com

PS: The vet was out today and I left instructions for him to listen to his lungs, and he said they were the best he had ever heard them. I'm just blown away by the whole thing. I still can't believe how it works. I would really like to get the word out to other horse owners.

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