The Kind of Horses I Like to Ride, by Harold Roy Miller

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The Kind of Horses I Like to Ride
Harold Roy Miller

Owning certain kinds of horses can fill your heart with pride,
but they're not necessarily the type I like to ride.
Hot-blooded horses may be magnificent and beautiful,
but my preference is for those that are docile and dutiful.

Whenever I see a horse galloping across a field,
it's a joy to behold and I am totally thrilled.
But when I'm the person riding at full speed ahead, I find
I seriously start to wonder if perhaps I've lost my mind.

In my younger days I was wilder and bolder,
but I am changing my tune now as I get a little bit older.
I feel much more at ease on horses that are gentle
than the fiery, spirited ones that are often temperamental.

Everyone loves a horse full of life and snorting loud,
who struts back and forth, looking peacock proud.
But when it comes to riding this horse that looks so doggone fancy,
you'll find yourself wishing that he wasn't quite as prancey.

I have had my share of riding wrecks over the years
and conquered most of the greenhorn's equine fears.
But wisdom comes from experience, it just can't be denied,
and the horses I love to watch are not the ones I ride!

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