You Know Your Wife is a Horse Lover by Harold Roy Miller

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You know your wife is a horse lover when...
by Harold Roy Miller

1. Your shin bones are referred to as cannon bones;

2. Your garden bathtub is full of rice bran, psyllium, vitamins and supplement;

3. RFD-TV is the reason she subscribes to satellite TV;

4. All the movies she rents or buys are about horses;

5. Hey is spelled hay; no is spelled neigh;

6. She's disappointed when she finds out a bridal shower is not a tack sale;

7. She reads horse ads to you at breakfast. at lunch. at supper. at bedtime.

8. She tells you to brush your mane instead of comb your hair;

9. Your spare bedroom is filled up with boxes of old horse magazines;

10. She hears the word "install" and instantly wonders where her horses are;

11. When asked if she has a picture of her kids she shows photos of her horses;

12. She rearranges the living room furniture every two years and the corrals every two weeks

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