Icelandic Horse Connection

Good Manners for Working With Horses

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Here is a list of good manners in consideration of horses:

[] Cleaning and warming (if necessary) a bit before offering it to the horse.

[] Consider things from the horse's perspective.

[] Place the saddle carefully and lightly on the horse's back.

[] Allow the horse to be aware of your presence (do not barge into his stall or personal space).

[] Ask politely for a lift of a foot, and set it down gently when done.

[] Tighten a girth gently and slowly (small increments).

[] When bridling and haltering, handle ears gently.

[] When mounting, place yourself softly in the saddle.

[] For corrections, do not yank on the reins.

[] Use a mounting aid (natural or artificial) whenever possible.

[] Clean up after yourself and your horse.

[] Don't leave feed out (where an accidentally loose horse may get into it). [] Be sure you have permission before disciplining another's horse (exception may be when your safety is concerned).

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