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Names of Easy Gaits of Gaited Horses

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Compiled by Lee Ziegler:

Easy gait terms translation list: (incomplete, composed originally by the late Hanneke Receveur, Ph D)

Fox trot: trab or brokk tolt, trocha (if you are paso fino person), pasitrote if you are following de Ascasubi and Verne Albright's version of his gait graphs, traquenard ( French), trot amble (also French), marcha battida (Brazil).

Stepping pace (aka broken pace, uneven 4 beat gait, lateral pick up, lateral set down): sobreandando, skeith tolt, "amble" variations of the word amble in romance languages, (ambio, is Italian for it), andadura (?) marcha picada (Brazil), sobre paso (Campolinos), entrepaso (Criollos), tropota (Russian), hsiaotsou (Chinese/mongolian), takama (West African).

Running walk: Paso llano, flugskref tolt (?) snelstap (south African) --even four beat pick up and set down with some overstride, hind over front.

Saddle rack: aka "singlefoot", slow tolt, paso corto, (some) paso largo, trippel, at slow speeds kortgang (South African).

Rack: tolt (some say hreina tolt), paso largo (fast), ah tha cha (Burma, others), chada, trapatka (Russian), hetwahr (sometimes this word is also used for a saddle rack or a step pace), yorga (Turkish), siar (Saudi Arabian, also used for the half canter half walk: trippel.

These are only a few of them -- there are lots of names I haven't put in English context yet. A project for a rainy day.

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