The Footfall of the Tolt (Rack)

The tolt is the same gait as the rack. Sometimes the tolt is mistakenly claimed to be a runningwalk, but that is a different gait. The following pictures show the sequence of footfall phases of the tolt (rack), which are as follows:
  • Right Hind (one foot support)
  • Right Hind, and Right Front (two foot, lateral support)
  • Right Front (one foot support)
  • Right Front, and Left Hind (two foot, diagonal support)
  • Left Hind (one foot support)
  • Left Hind, Left Front (two foot, lateral support)
  • Left Front (one foot support)
  • Left Front, Right Hind (two foot, diagonal support)

The following pictures were supplied by Magnus, website:

Right hind only

Right hind, right front

Right front only

Right front, left hind

Left hind only

Left hind, left front

Left front only

Left front, right hind

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