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Fertility Rate Info, 2005

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Disappointment with Flygil

Flygill from Vestri-Leirárgörğum has been kept with 17 mares at Syğra-Fjalli in Adaldal this summer. All the mares were checked with ultrasound on the 16th of August and they all turned out to be with out a foal.

Bad outcome for Gustur

Gustur from Hóli spent the month of July in Svarfağardalur. Only 10 mares out of 25, or 40%, turned out to be with a foal. Results from use on house and from artificial conseption are not known yet, but will be announced when ready.

60% for Andvara

The mares that stayed with Andvara from Ey, on house this summer, have been checked for conseption. 9 turned out to be with a foal, or 60 %.

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