Icelandic Horse Connection

Parelli Natural Horsemanship With Icelandic Horses in Europe

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Parelli Natural Horsemanship (PNH) is popular for Icelandic Horses in Europe. The horses are supple and happy.

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A gal from Switzerland riding with the string.
Photo by Axel Wegler http://www.mountain-view-ranch.de.
Parelli Switzerland http://www.parelli.ch/.

Ineke, from The Netherlands.

The Yo-Yo Game with Icelandics in Denmark.

Ute Lehman, Danmark (Denmark).
Horse in Harmony

Sandra, Denmark, riding in the neckring with carrot stick.

Jens, Denmark, in gallop with the neckring.

Edith, Austria, practicing passenger lessons.
Parelli Austria http://www.parelli.at/.

Marja, of The Netherlands, with Atli and the Sideways Game.
Parelli Netherlands http://www.parelli.nl

Alexandra, Canada, working on the Friendly Game.

Heike of Germany.

More natural horsemanship / Icelandic Horse pictures here.

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