Equine Energy Work

The Equine Healing Technique Called Energy Work

There are many healing techniques used in Holistic Healing and one of the modalities is balancing your horse's energy. To Many people this seems very weird and foreign and even foolish. However, when you understand exactly what is happening when using this therapy you will begin to see the possible benefits.

Horses and humans have a central nervous system that governs the body functions, the muscles and the body systems. Your vet who used western medicine approaches healing through diagnosing the problem and using physical means to assist the body to fight and heal the illness.

In holistic therapies the whole horse is taken into account and that means the body, the mind and yes the spirit. We look to the vet to diagnose the physical and then we look closer to see what is going on with the animal mentally and how they feel or you might say their spirit or their life essence.

Think of your horse mentally. Some days they are happy to do just what you ask and some days they are just not easily worked with.

Now think of your horse's spirit. Their desire to go that extra mile for you, their desire to fight an illness and live. You can see this in abused horses. Many have lost their fight and spark.

Now you have the whole picture of your horse, body, mind and spirit.

From here we introduce electromagnetics. The air we breathe the nerves in our body all work with this life force of positive and negative charges.

Balancing energy for a horse requires learning the technique that will focus this energy to the horse's central nervous system, the spinal column and the brain stem. Energy work gives the nervous system what is needs to heal the body, therefore the mind and the spirit.

I recently was called to look at a horse that the owner was thinking of putting down. She had surgery and was suffering and was not recovering very well. I used energy work on the afflicted areas and slowly daily, there were subtle changes for the better. Now after weeks of energy balancing and consistent vet visits she is on the mend. What was it that worked? Maybe a little of both? Does it matter? Both treatments complimented each other and gave this horse what she needed to get over the crisis and begin to heal.

Some call it Reiki (a Japanese discipline that I am trained in) some call it polarity and years ago we called it hands on healing. In either case they all do the same thing. Another type of healing the spirit for those of you who truly love your animals we call it love. This is the stuff that gives the horses spirit the "energy" to go on and heal.

By approaching your horse as a whole entity then you will know what their needs are before illness sets in and can keep them healthy. Energy work, Reiki in most cases will improve stamina, performance and there will be fewer illnesses and accidents.

If you are interested in approaching your animal through natural means this is the therapy for you.

Mary Carter BA,MT http://hearttohearthorseranch.com/

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